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Playing in the leaves

I don’t want to stay up too late tonight, need to get some rest sometime. However, I wanted to give a little update. Our food stamps have been approved once again, Praise the Lord! I am so thankful that they were prompt in reviewing our case.

And I have just a few more words and thoughts for today. My bible study has been teaching me about being content and while it is very hard to do on days when the kids are restless and looking for new ways to get into trouble, the kitchen is a mess and you don’t have the energy to clean it up, and there’s that basket of laundry that has been sitting in your bedroom for 4 days! But will complaining really fix things? Sure it’s easy to just say, “I give up!” Especially when you feel like you are the only one who is even trying, but that won’t make things any better.

My new mentor mom at MOPS retold what she heard from another mom – this is my version of her story. We are exhausted with our new baby and say, “it will be better when she is sleeping through the night.” … we struggle with a toddler in diapers and say, “it will be easier when he is potty trained.” … we run our grader schooler to after school events and say, “it will be nice when she can drive herself.” … our schedule is full of high school activities and we say, “I will have time to finish my projects when the kids are out of the house.” Then the kids move out and we wonder where has the time gone? What did we miss by wishing for the “next thing?” Did we ever enjoy our children at each stage they were at?

Tonight I enjoyed my children. After a walk around the block with the whole family, I called the older 3 into the yard under the tree that recently shed all it’s leaves and started throwing leaves on them. They quickly joined in and we had a good ‘ol leave fight! It was so much fun! Sure I had a headache most of the day and baby CE was cranky cause her schedule was off, but none of that mattered while we were in the yard. I didn’t feel my headache anymore and we were having fun! Now that is what I want to remember.