When I was a kid my mom taught me how to crochet, but I can’t say I was very interested at that time. Then my husband and I got married and moved to St. Louis for his last year at the Seminary. Through my husband’s family connections I was able to get a temporary job in the accounting office and it was while I was working there that I discovered my love for crochet. Every day during our lunch break a fellow employee would work on a crochet project. Seeing what she was making sparked my interest in crocheting again and I asked her help to relearn what my mom had once taught me. When my mom learned that I was crocheting again she gave me a crochet book that once belonged to my great-grandmother. With this crochet book and my new friend’s help I was excited to get busy. Soon I was bringing my crochet project to lunch and just about anywhere else I might have time to sit and work.

I quickly got the idea to make baby blankets for my own children that we would be having some day. The plan was to have a boy and a girl blanket made before the birth of the first child and then replace each blanket as needed before the next birth. And when to start on this plan? Right away!

Fun little tidbit, I noticed as I picked out this picture to show you my first baby girl blanket, the date is March 10, 2004. It was exactly 2 years later that our first child, a daugher-AC, was born.

Next was a boy,


and another boy,





Last to come along is our sweet little baby girl, CE. When I saw this pattern it was in colors for a boy, but I just loved it and had to make it! I was pregnant and didn’t want the ultrasound to tell us what we were having, but this momma knew it was a girl.


I have made several other projects along the way, and I have learned many new techniques. My mom is a very crafty person and passed along her talents to me. One thing that I really appreciate is the idea that if you can’t buy or find an item that is just what you need/want then why not make it yourself. I have used that idea several times with my crocheting. I see patterns as a general guideline to create my own masterpiece. After years of making adjustments and learning new things, I am excited to say that I have written my very first pattern! I did get the idea from a picture I saw, so I can’t totally claim the concept, but this version is all mine. It’s my Lacy Woven Scarf.

This is just the first of many more to come! Enjoy.

Please check out the Finished Projects and Items for Sale posts under the Crochet heading to see more items that I have made.


2 thoughts on “Crochet

  1. Wow! You have really came along ways. I am really proud of you! 🙂 I just finished my 2nd scarf and tried the pattern with your second version, I really like doing it that way, and added the edge, too.

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