Chloe’s Newsboy

I have been wanting to make a hat for my little girl and my first plan was a floppy brimmed sun hat. I bought some pretty varigated yarn, however, yarn is quite warm and our summer was VERY warm, so I never made that floppy brimmed hat. Now that the weather is cooling off I decided I needed a warm hat for her to wear.

Beanies and newsboys with an accent flower seem to be all the rage right now and I agree that they are adorable! I just couldn’t find the one I liked though. I’m kinda picky that way. I think I drive my husband crazy with all my talk and planning abut this and that. I seldom ever follow patterns entirely, I’m always adjusting this or that to my liking. So as I was searching for just the right pattern I came across a coaster, yes a coaster, that I liked. I wanted a hat with some real visual appeal and some texture, and this coaster seemed to be perfect! In just a few days I crocheted this cute little newsboy for CE (my little girl) and I created a new pattern to claim as my own – Chloe’s Newsboy. My 6 yr old daughter-AC wants a matching hat and I am planning on making a boy’s version for my boys as well.

These hats and the pattern will be available for purchase in the future.



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